I created and acted as Project Manager and Creative/Art Director for The Pathfinders,

a strategic grass-roots community of change agents at American Express. The project was created during a company-wide product transformation in order to bring influencers and positive deviants together to challenge the status quo and drive momentum towards the future vision of the company. The program involved 3 core aspects: Learning and Development which included mentorship, challenges and gamification to drive change, and community and storytelling to help communicate the change on a daily basis. 

We looked for the right people and identified the characteristics and traits we thought were the right fit for the program.

We helped The Pathfinders identify strengths and areas of improvement while also measuring value delivered back to the company through a health radar.​

Pathfinders would earn badges when they implemented changes and exhibited

Pathfinder Behaviors.

They also received some pretty sweet SWAG if I do say so myself. 

(The shirt glows in the dark)


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